Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There is a reason I don't blog I just don't have the time or knowledge to do this in a timely manner but I will keep on keeping on. Here are two of my joy to the new year challenges finished there is another one I need to upload photos for-- a beautiful sunflower runner and a pink and brown quilt that I helped my mother make probably over a year ago and finally finished the binding- I have a lot of projects like that - many things distract me from finishing things I am really trying hard to quelch that side of my personality. Just finish it should be my new life mantra.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love flea market fancy but I am a little late like always- i had some that I didn't even know was a treasure to be had. I hope we can get them to remanufactur this oh so fabulous line. FLea Market Fancy Freaks are having a great giveaway - check it out

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is my huge stack of projects for the joy to the new year challenge- I hope to finish each one by January. A lot of them just need bindings which I am too lazy to finish up - but no more- I wil get something done- in fact I finished one just the other day. It was just a simple panel that I quilted as a wall hanging for my mother for christmas last year and never put the binding on- well it's done and now my mother can take it home and enjoy it herself. Onto the next....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Okay- another quilt that actually is staying in my house because I made it for my fourth son Elijah. My oldest son wonders why he doesn't have a quilt but I am going backwards it seems. Of course quilting for boys is a challenge because there really isn't much out there for fabric choices. I did fall in love with this fun fabric by amy schimler. It was so bright and colorful but why is it that I figure out what I want when the fabric is never to be found- i collected it from all sorts of places and it is being used in 3 out my five sons quilts. you just can't mess with a good thing. this quilt was a little time consuming and i might never want to make a snowball block again. I just joined a virtual quilting bee and I was thinking that this quilt fits into the theme of the bee traditonal blocks with modern fabrics. I also tried my hand at organic line quilting- I really liked doing it and I think the quilt came out fabulous.
the back

Another bit of news there is a fun quilt along that is staring that eventually will be turned into a book- It started as a virtual quilting bee -block party and now it is transforming into a fun quilt along where there will be a quarterly challenge and a flickr group to post everyone's creations and inspiration. go to the blog to finds out more and enter in the give away - i'm excited!http://www.blockpartyquilting.com/

Okay- so my inspiration to start a quilt blog all started from finding the blog tallgrass prairie studio- she inspired me and introduced me to improv quilting well she is starting a fun Joy in the New year challenge- it's a challenge to help us be motivated to finish up unfinished projects- or ufo's I have several- so I'm excited about being part of a challenge to get some stuff done- some seriously just need a binding, some were christmas presents from last year that never got finished-hopefully I'll have joy while getting some stuff done.

Friday, October 23, 2009

my fifth boy and his baby quilt

So I just had my fifth boy and I am a crafter. I can tell you boys and crafts don't really mix- making clothes for boys is lame and finding fabric is increasingly more difficult that you don't want to gag over. So none of my boys have any quilts because I never see anything that i like enought to spend money on. I decide I actually needed to make quilts for my family members and so I started with the newest addition (much to my oldest dismay). I was up near Boston with my husband and of course i dragged him to quilt shops in the area and I found this fun and mod fabric to make my baby quilt from- I had seen the fabric line before but in greens pinks and reds- absolutely loved it and decided it was for a baby so I could get away with it for my newest boy. I added some fabric to my stash becasue I new I wanted to make a wonky log cabin block. I just entered the world of quilt blogs and am new to improv and modern quilting- so this is my first attempt and i found it a lot of fun. Some ladies in my quilt club helped make some of blocks- so not all are my creation- I actually had it finished before the baby came- which is a miracle in itself.

here are some of the finished blocks when I was assembling them

Here is the finished quilt- I was inspired by the wonky blocks on tallgrass prairie studio's blog and all of her fun and modern quilts. I quilted it with a serpentine pattern- never done it before but i tried not to be overly perfectionistic.

I think it came out fabulous- just so fun and funky.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

quilts in the past....

I thought to just make it easier I would just post all previous quilts and then start with the new. Many of these quilts have been wedding quilts for my nieces and nephews and others have been teacher's gifts and baby gifts.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Like I need one more thing to do

Okay i'm a little slow to start but I'm creating a blog for all my quilting and crafting projects. I'm just about to have my fifth boy so what I really need to do is add one more thing to my ever growing to do list (like I even have one of those). But I love the quilt blogger community and I love how many talented people are out in the world sharing their creations. So I decided to join in the fun.