Friday, January 15, 2010

My sisters Quilt for Christmas

Just one more and I am done for the night- just trying to play catch up and I am still losing. This quilt I made for my sister for Christmas. I was inspired by a quilt on crazy mom quilts- i loved it and decided to make it for my sister with these fabulous fabrics- fun and floral and colorful- I actually finished it for christmas- what a miracle- it a season for miracles don't you know! I quilted with just straight organic lines. I am really liking that quilting method it is just so low stress and with five boys in this house I need low stress. I trudged out in the cold snowy day to take these pics before my sister went back to the sunshine state.

the space Quilt

Not the most attractive quilt I have ever made but it's finished. I made it for this boy that I have babysat for since he was 8 months old last Christmas (2008) and of course didn't get finished until this Christmas (2009)- I have a serious problem- this quilt is part of my joy to the new year challenge- I was so happy to hand it over to the little boy and he loves it and curls himself up in it- he loves space can you tell!

my new Tree Pillows

I Love my new pillows I saw them on the blog sewmamasew- the person who created them won the scrapbusters contest. They were so cute and so me- I had to make some- my kids of course like to throw them all around and more then likely they will end up with chocolate stains all over them but for now I'm just going to enjoy my creations. Of course I made them several months ago and I am just getting them up on the blog- i will always be behind!

my Quilt CLub Gift

THis is my finished quilt club gift exchange-we did it after christmas becasue some things happened and we couldn't meet before Christmas. Iam so happy with the way it turned out I need to make one for myself. I wished I lived in the little red house!

This was the start of it all- i was going off my own creativity so I tried a little of this and a little of that- then I put it away for a little while lost half the pieces to it and the top picture is the way it ended- but it came out so fabulous- sometimes mishaps and lost pieces work in your favor!