Monday, April 5, 2010

Modify Tradition Sampler Quilt

I finally have a picture of it- this is my Modify Tradition Quilt Along Quilt top.  I haven't quite decided what I am doing with the back yet plus I have too many projects right now that take precedent.  I love the way it turned out and I am so excited about the finished top.  It was so much fun to take modern blocks and make them something fun and modern.  I also used fabric only from my stash.  I dream of the day it is actually completed.  But alas, I must move on and keep dreaming.

Remember Connecticut

So it has been long enough- the month of March was fruitful but also full of trial- I don't mean big tragic and life changing trial- I mean where has the time gone- between my husband being on call- school stuff- spring flooding into my basement I am glad to see March go.  I did do some quilting though.  Lets get on with the good stuff and stop the murmuring.

A wonderful family in our church ward moved in March and I wanted to make them a quilt that they could remember Connecticut.  So I created a sampler quilt aptly named "Remember Connecticut".  I chose blocks that I thought would have some meaning.  It was fun to peruse through quilt block after quilt block pattern.  I thought I would have until June to complete this project but they bought a new house and sold theirs, it happened so quickly it became a mad dash to the finish and here is what the end results were.

Frienship Circle

Scrappy Heart (LOVE)
Log Cabin (hearth and home)

State of Connecticut Block

Yankee Charm

Spools (she was a quilting friend)

Hill and Valley

Flying Geese

This is the Back
As you can see one of the blocks I don't have a picture of it is called ocean waves.  This quilt is scrappy and it was a joy to make and my friend loved it - I hope she always remembers the love that grew in Connecticut.