Friday, October 23, 2009

my fifth boy and his baby quilt

So I just had my fifth boy and I am a crafter. I can tell you boys and crafts don't really mix- making clothes for boys is lame and finding fabric is increasingly more difficult that you don't want to gag over. So none of my boys have any quilts because I never see anything that i like enought to spend money on. I decide I actually needed to make quilts for my family members and so I started with the newest addition (much to my oldest dismay). I was up near Boston with my husband and of course i dragged him to quilt shops in the area and I found this fun and mod fabric to make my baby quilt from- I had seen the fabric line before but in greens pinks and reds- absolutely loved it and decided it was for a baby so I could get away with it for my newest boy. I added some fabric to my stash becasue I new I wanted to make a wonky log cabin block. I just entered the world of quilt blogs and am new to improv and modern quilting- so this is my first attempt and i found it a lot of fun. Some ladies in my quilt club helped make some of blocks- so not all are my creation- I actually had it finished before the baby came- which is a miracle in itself.

here are some of the finished blocks when I was assembling them

Here is the finished quilt- I was inspired by the wonky blocks on tallgrass prairie studio's blog and all of her fun and modern quilts. I quilted it with a serpentine pattern- never done it before but i tried not to be overly perfectionistic.

I think it came out fabulous- just so fun and funky.

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  1. I love it. It's exactly what I've been looking for to make as a baby gift. Thanks for sharing and now you owe your other four babies a quilt! Hee hee. Thanks again, it's lovely.