Friday, May 11, 2012

House Quilt

So again- I'm like a broken record.  I so want to be a blogger and somehow cannot find the time to do it.  I know I need to make a priority and I just haven't.  Even if I posted at least once a month I would be happy but I can't seem to do it. Here I am back again but I have some beautiful quilts to show to the world so here I go again.

Earlier this year my father went into congestive heart failure- he was under sedation for over a week and after all that on Valentine's Day her had quadruple bypass surgery (he has new tubing he says could last another 20 years).  The process was long but he is back home and recovering quickly and of course he is quite back to his old self.

So what does a daughter do when she is 1000 miles away with five kids and can't get down there to be any kind of support at all- she quilts of course.  So the Newest quilt to my collection is my HOuse Quilt.  I was inspired by the one over on Tallgrass Praire Studio's blog and since my dad is a realtor I thought it would be the perfect gift for him.  He is always cold now too so it serves a purpose well.

I had a lot of fun letting go and wasting fabric.  All the houses were freely pieced.  The middle one with the pointed roof my 9 year old son designed and help contruct- he is a Harry Potter Fan and it looks a little like the Burrow.  I quilted in all different ways and the housed have clouds, grass, stone walkways etc.  It was a lot of fun and I actually finished it and took it with me to Florida when I went in April.  My dad now snuggles up under it.

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  1. How sweet! It's adorable!!

    Also I've just awarded you the Liebster Award! Please be sure to check out my blog Vivid Felicity and accept!! ;D