Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year and I start again

Hello again- yes I know I am a terrible blogger and I hope to remedy that, maybe I should have a schedule but if anyone knew me you would be peeing in your pants laughing because I never live by a schedule and i actually don't like them but I find with five kids I never have time for anything and I am always exhausted.  In fact because of the days prior to Christmas I was running around like a wild woman, I pretty much slept through Christmas- I mean literally my husband had to make the Latkes on Christmas eve and read the Christmas story all by himself to the boys.  Even on Christmas I had to take a nap and he had to finish up dinner.  To him a big Thank you!
On to the more important stuff like the sewing and crafting- I have of course made way too many plans for my crafting Christmas and of course I did not get all of my hopes and dreams made but there is always this year I think I will start this month and have a Christmas Craft Day.
First off- I made these adorable lunch totes for the kid's teachers- of course filled with goodies.  I couldn't find a pattern I like so I kinda of created my own and I love them!

So on Christmas Eve I spent the day sewing potholders for some friends and neighbors- it was a ton of fun and I used up a lot of scraps- of course there are more and more scraps.  We also had this wood bowl made for our neighbor who cut down some trees in their yard this year and gave us the wood- we finally finally sanded and sealed it. the bowl was made from the trees they gave us- i didn't explain that very well.  We also gave them tons of homemade goodies including Grandpa Larsen's famous peanut brittle. 
Later that day David asked me for a potholder and I told him we had given them all away.  I never seem to have much that I make for myself.

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